Lotus Carlton





Changing Hydraulic Clutch Fluid

Bonnet Vents

LS9 Clutch

Intercooler Reservoir Tank

Intercooler Pump






I bought this in Feb 2010, drove it from a dealer in Kendal

(lake district) to home, about 300miles and loved every minute !

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 Description: E:\WEBS\lotuscarlton\vxr86feb10w.jpg



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How many are there ?

Following info stolen from the HSV forum


6.0 Manual
18 Evoke
17 Impulse Blue
32 Nickel Silver
56 Black
57 Red

6.0 Auto
9 Evoke
8 Impulse Blue
20 Nickel Silver
55 Black
28 Red

6.2 Manual
30 Evoke
28 Heron White
54 Black
53 Red

6.2 Auto
20 Evoke
16 Heron White
34 Black
32 Red