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                          Welcome to my Lotus Carlton site.
     My aim is to share some of the experiences and problems that I have encountered 
     since buying the car 2002 


               Site established 10th May 2004, construction ongoing.........

                                       What's new 

                                        Dyno run 17/09/06
                                        T25 Turbo re-build ? Jan 2007
                                        Rear Brake Overhaul Feb 2007
                                        Main Coolant Radiator Feb 2007 updated Apr 2007
                                        Stainless Steel Exhaust June 2008
                              Rear Dampers  July 2008

                                        Z20LET Custom Inlet Parts Jan 2009

Important disclaimer:-Enter this site at your own risk, I am responsible for my own vehicle, not yours. I will not be 
held responsible for anything said or inferred by me within these pages. There is a huge pool of information out there,
if you are not sure...check and check again.
Email:-   richard.bruntxxremovetheobviouslettersxx@ntlworld.com  remove some obvious letters when it auto fills your send
 to address.....stops  the email spambots........cheers Dave E for that tip...........

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